The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.

  –James Brown


To apply for the STEP-UP! outreach program, please complete and return the following application form:

STEP-UP! Application Form (English) STEP-UP! Application Form (Spanish)

The purpose of Anaheim Ballet’s STEP-UP! educational outreach program is to serve as a catalyst for change in the lives of young participants, a call to personal excellence, and to produce performances which serve as a source of entertainment and inspiration for the community at large. Whether from the rigorous athletic training program or from the inspiring live performances in schools and concert stages, the youth of our community benefit greatly from the positive messages inherent in classical ballet.

Our young people need the experience of standing erect, holding their heads high and moving with athletic and understated grace. They need this safe but challenging social interaction where there are no distinctions of ethnic diversity or socio economic levels. From their first day in Anaheim Ballet's STEP-UP! program, students are challenged to personal excellence. Many are asked to reexamine their own opinions of how much effort is demanded to produce quality results.

STEP-UP! outreach students train in classical ballet, and classes are ongoing and offered at no cost to those who are unable to pay. These students are mainstreamed into regular training classes at Anaheim Ballet. Several students have received placement in our nation's prestigious ballet company schools.

As teachers work with dancers to improve the physical attributes of strength, stamina and flexibility, it is also hoped that the principles of patience, perseverance and humility will also begin to grow in the dancer's physical and emotional life.